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a presence in nueces county since 1952


Susan Trevino

Kathy Wemer

Amanda Kowalski

Sue Ryland

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Allan Hayes, Dan Garza


Michelle Balis

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Penny Pillack

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Penny Pillack

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RudyTejano Peña
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Mary Helen Dunnam


 The Nueces County Historical Society is the longest tenured group in Nueces County!

The NCHS was formed November 8, 1952, in Judge Noah Kennedy’s office in the 1914 Nueces County Courthouse, and has been a constant presence in Corpus Christi and Nueces County, Texas.

 The NCHS was incorporated on August 25, 1988. Mr. Cecil E. Burney, principal attorney of the Corpus Christi Law Firm Wood & Burney, was the lead incorporator of the Society. Other members of the Society, listed in the papers of incorporation included:

  • Ms. Peggy Bickham
  • Judge Mike Westegren
  • Mr. Charles Davis
  • Ms. Margaret Walberg
  • Mr. Thomas Murphy
  • Mr. Ray Garcia
  • Ms. Margaret Ramage
  • Mr. Russell Reed
  • Mr. Bobby Haeglin
  • Dr. Cleo Garcia

The incorporators, all living in Corpus Christi, saw the need to formalize a group for persons who, according to their stated purpose, shall “support literary and historical undertakings, with their primary activities being located in Nueces County, Texas.” 

This stated purpose continues to hold true today, and we thank those forward-thinkers from 1988 who saw the need for this Society.

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The Nueces County Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) multi-cultural organization which encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich history of Nueces County, the Coastal Bend of Texas, and the United States of America, by members and guests of all ages It accomplishes this through hosting regularly scheduled presentations with interesting speakers, sponsoring special events, and leading preservation efforts for area sites of historical significance.